Znoud El Sit

Znoud El Sit pinit

Znoud El Sit is a crunchy golden dessert that is loved by many in most Arab countries. It is one of the most famous sweets in Syria.

It consists of baklava dough stuffed with cream or pudding and poured over it, and then garnished with shredded pistachios, and in the recent period, it was served decorated with cream, chocolate or Nutella instead of immersing it in syrup.

This type of sweets has a high nutritional value, especially in the winter, because it provides the body with energy and heat, due to its richness in sugars and fats, while it can be served in the summer with a little ice cream.

Znoud El Sit

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Znoud El Sit

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 18 min Cook Time 10 min Total Time 28 mins Servings: 12


Znoud El Sit Ingredients

Ingredients For Decoration


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  1. Take out the phyllo dough from the refrigerator to defrost it.

  2. Divide the dough into 10cm long strips, then cut each strip into two parts, making each one 5cm long.

  3. On a hard surface, place a strip of dough in a horizontal manner, then place another strip of dough on the center and towards the top, in a vertical manner.

  4. Put a tablespoon of ready-made cream over the horizontal section of the dough. Be careful, you have to stay away from the edges of the dough.

  5. Fold the two sides of the dough horizontally inward to prevent the cream from coming out during frying.

  6. Roll the dough around itself, from the bottom up, in a circular manner.

  7. Repeat until all the dough and cream are used up.

  8. In a saucepan, heat the oil well and fry the six zoods until golden. Set it aside on paper towels.

  9. Put each piece of Znoud Al-Sitta in the cold syrup and leave it for about two minutes.

  10. Garnish this dessert with lemon blossom and pistachio, then serve Znoud Al Sitt with additional syrup, if desired.

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