Stuffed Lamb With Rice Saudi Method

Lamb stuffed with rice
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Stuffed lamb ( In Arabic: خاروف محشي ) is one of the foods that Arab cuisine is famous for. Stuffed lamb is often found on occasions and celebrations, and it is one of the meals of great nutritional value because the lamb meat contains proteins and important elements for the body. There are several ways to prepare the stuffed lamb, and it is one of the foods in which time and effort is spent when preparing, and we will mention several ways to prepare it.

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Stuffed lamb

Stuffed Lamb With Rice Saudi Method

Difficulty: Advanced Prep Time 12 hour Cook Time 5 hour Total Time 17 hrs Servings: 14


The lamb

The Rice

Rice spices


  1. Mix olive oil, pomegranate molasses, yogurt, tomato paste, vinegar, salt, and all the spices mentioned in a bowl, then paint the mixture on the lamb and leave it in the refrigerator after wrapping it in nylon for at least twelve hours.

  2. Prepare the rice, where the minced meat is fried with onions in vegetable oil and seasoned with cinnamon and mixed spices, bay leaf, cumin, chicken broth cubes, salt and mastic, then water is added to it, and when it boils, the previously soaked rice is added so that the water immerses the rice.

  3. The rice is left on the fire until it is cooked and may need an hour, and then it is left to cool down and then stuffed with the lamb and the lamb’s legs and hands are tied.

  4. The lamb is wrapped in tin and placed in a tray containing a little water so that the lamb does not burn.

  5. The lamb is placed in the oven at the highest temperature, and whenever the water in the tray evaporates, another is added, and it remains for two hours on the lower side, and after the two hours have passed, it is flipped to the other side and left for two hours, and thus it has matured, so remove the foil and redden from the top only, and then sprinkle it A large amount of fried nuts, and then it is ready to serve.

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