Learn the best method to prepare Stuffed intestines

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Stuffed intestines is a type of entrails from the carcass that is edible, and this food is found throughout the Arab world, and it has different names. Western countries, such as Scotland and Denmark, are served in restaurants as “Hagson”. There are a variety of ways to prepare the Stuffed intestines, as they can be prepared by boiling them, grilling them, cooking them with yoghurt, or Jameed milk, or adding them to grape leaves and other methods, and this recipe is characterized by containing many nutritional values, such as minerals, protein, and Eat it in moderation; It contains large amounts of calories and saturated fats.

Preparing the Stuffed intestines or fawaregh ” as it’s called in Arabic ” is an unprecedented achievement in Lebanese and Syrian homes. Perhaps every skillful and capable housewife will be the touchstone in preparing this dish, which requires a high degree of technicality, not even a “cauldron”. Passing the quiche preparation test is like her success in preparing all Lebanese dishes of all kinds. As for the invitation to a lunch of Stuffed intestines with meat and rice, it is undoubtedly a royal invitation that can only be enjoyed by loved ones. Here is the best preparation method, while the quantity is enough for eight people.

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Learn the best method to prepare Stuffed intestines

Difficulty: Advanced Prep Time 1 hour Cook Time 30 min Total Time 1 hr 30 mins Servings: 4


Stuffed intestines ingredients

Aromatic bouquet:

Aromatic vegetables:

Sauce ingredients:


  1. Mix the rice with the meat, fat and chickpeas, and start seasoning with spices, salt, and a little nutmeg, while showing the precision spices.

  2. Stuff the intestines, then we blot the filling and tie on both ends; In order to get small pellets, then we pierce the ball with a fork with one small hole.

  3. We prepare a pot of boiling water with vegetables, aromatic bouquet, and a pinch of salt.

  4. We put the intestines in cold water and let it boil, then remove the saffron from the face, and drain the water.

  5. Put the intestines in the scented water, and cook over a low heat, with a lid on for an hour and a half.

  6. Make sure it is done, then drain the water, and set it aside.

  7. Leave it to cool slightly, cut it, and remove the thread from it to get balls, mix the sauce ingredients together.

  8. Fry the balls of intestines in a frying pan with ghee until we get a golden color, and they are crunchy, then we serve them with the sauce.

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