Syrian Pea Stew with Rice (Bazella W Riz)

Pea with Rice pinit

Pea stew with rice ( In Arabic: بزاليا ورز) is suitable if you are confused about choosing today’s dish and want an easy and quick recipe due to lack of time. We offer you a method of pea rice with minced meat.
The recipe will not cost you more than half an hour, it will be a perfect meal and suitable for the family and the working wife.

Peas are considered one of the first plants cultivated by humans, and they originated in Central Asia, Afghanistan and India, before their spread in the Middle East and then throughout the world.

This recipe is considered One of the most famous Syrian foods, especially in the season of peas, but frozen or dry peas have become a suitable alternative, and almost no house in Syria is devoid of the dried pea mortar that is used in many cookings

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Pea with Rice

Peas benefits and nutritional value

Peas are one of the plants that contribute to the treatment of constipation, as they are rich in dietary fibers that give assistance to the process of digestion and excretion, in addition to facilitating the process of moving food easily in the colon, and therefore peas are also a food that contributes to weight loss.
It enhances the feeling of satiety and is low in calories.
Folic acid is one of the substances found in peas and contributes to maintaining good mental health, as a decrease in this acid in the body leads to emotional disorders and depression, and peas, in turn, are one of the best food sources of this vitamin, and folic acid plays an important role in the process of developing the nervous system of the fetus.
Therefore, pregnant women are always advised to eat peas.

Syrian Pea Stew with Rice (Bazella W Riz)

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 15 min Total Time 30 mins Servings: 3



  1. Fry the minced meat in vegetable ghee well until it is done

  2. Boil the peas in water until they are soft

  3. Drain the peas from the water, then add them to the meat

  4. Add salt and pepper to taste, stir well and leave it on the fire for two minutes, then remove the ingredients from the fire

  5. Wash the rice well and cook it separately, adding a little salt

    Note: (If you are using short-grain rice, you must soak it in water for half an hour, and if you are using long-grain rice, it must be washed well with water only without soaking)

  6. Bring a square or circular plate and put the meat and peas mixture on the bottom

  7. Put rice on top and press down well

  8. Put the dish to a serving plate and garnish it with the toasted nuts

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