Ouzi Spiced Rice With Lamb

Ouzi with lamb pinit

Ouzi is one of the most famous dishes in Arab countries. It is a very tasty dish, easy to make and rich in its ingredients, and can be made with lamb or chicken.
It’s one of the luxurious dishes that Syria is famous for, and it is of Turkish origin.

Ouzi is often served at banquets and occasions and weddings, due to its organized and tidy shape for presentation and it is considered one of the high-end and expensive dishes.
It’s also distinguished by its delicious shape that tells you about its taste before you try it.

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Ouzi with lamb

Nutritional tips for how to prepare a healthy Ouzi

You have to follow these really useful tips to get a healthy Ouzi plate, which is as follows:

  • Clean meat and chicken carefully before cooking, and you can use lemon and vinegar.
  • It is best to decorate the Ouzi with nuts, as they contain fatty acids that are good for your health and more vegetables such as broccoli and beans.
  • If you want to eat Ouzi with yogurt, be sure to choose fat-free or low-fat dairy products.
  • Don’t use too much salt, as it can cause a host of health problems including high blood pressure.
  • Choose lean meat and skinless chicken.

Ouzi Spiced Rice With Lamb

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 30 min Cook Time 15 min Total Time 45 mins Servings: 4



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The filling

  1. Wash the rice well.

  2. Melt the ghee in a cooking pot, add the rice and stir it a little.

  3. Add water, salt, and pepper.

  4. Add half the amount of peas to the rice.

  5. Add half the amount of nuts to the rice as well.

  6. When the rice boils, leave it on low heat until it is cooked and the water evaporates.

  7. In a frying pan, put a little oil and fry the meat and the remaining peas with a pinch of salt and pepper. Thus, the filling is ready.

Preparing the Ouzi

  1. Bring a bowl the size of a fist

  2. Spread a piece of Ouzi dough layer in the bowl.

  3. Put a spoonful of meat, peas, and some nuts, then fill the bowl with rice.

  4. Fold the ends of the foil piece inward.

  5. Flip the bowl to get an Ouzy bean in the shape of a hemisphere.

  6. Repeat with all the Ouzis until the quantity runs out

  7. Put the Ouzi pieces in an oven tray and brush the face of each piece with ghee and sprinkle some of the grated pistachios on it.

  8. Adjust the oven to 150 degrees for 10 minutes or until it becomes golden.

  9. Ouzi is served with yogurt and cucumber sauce.

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