Oman’s National Dessert (Omani Halwa)

Omani Halwa pinit

The basic materials for Omani Halwa consist of sugar, water, starch, cow ghee and the heat of the fire. In later stages of heating, eggs, starch, rose water, cardamom, a few nuts, and in some types of saffron are added to it, in a process that takes an average of three hours.

Despite the great openness of the Sultanate to import sweets from different countries of the world, the demand for Omani sweets is increasing day by day, which is why Hamid Al-Hasani is heading to establish a private factory for Omani sweets in which all his brothers and some of his relatives participate, stressing that it is one of the most successful commercial projects Due to the large demand for it from the inside and outside.

“Once you have mastered making it, everyone who likes it will not stop knocking on your door, as it is present on all occasions. Rather, it is the faithful friend of coffee all day long. Omanis do not hide their passion for it,”

Omani Halwa

The way to make Omani Halwa at home is easy and fun. The sweet industry in Oman is one of the most famous traditional industries, and it is admired by many; Because of its wonderful flavor and unique taste, simple steps through which you can access the secrets of how to make Omani Halwa at home.
Omani Halwa are served on many different occasions, and their types vary from black and white sweets, saffron yellow sweets.

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Oman’s National Dessert (Omani Halwa)

Difficulty: Intermediate Servings: 8



  1. Put the sugar in a pot on the fire, and stir until it melts and gets brown.

  2. Add the oil and stir constantly.

  3. Starch is mixed with water, then added to the caramel, and stirred over low heat.

  4. Keep stirring constantly until lumps disappear.

  5. Dissolve the saffron in a cup of rose water, then add it to the caramel.

  6. Stir the mixture until the saffron dissolves.

  7. Cardamom is placed in the mixture, and is stirred until the consistency of the texture.

  8. Place it into a serving dish.

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