Lebanese Garlic Sauce Recipe (Tumiye)

Lebanese Garlic Sauce Recipe (Tumiye) pinit

Lebanese garlic sauce is a delicious sauce served alongside grilled foods or fried potatoes, and the way to prepare it is easy and simple, and garlic is one of its main ingredients. Garlic is one of the vegetables that is used a lot when cooking food, whether by frying or cooking with various dishes, and it has many benefits, including:
It protects the body from cancer, reduces cholesterol in the blood, treats colds, protects against heart disease and protects the body from infectious diseases, in addition to being a remedy for hair problems such as baldness. Except for putting garlic in food, sometimes for treatment, it is swallowed as a pill, or the molar is passed over the diseased part.
Garlic should be stored in dry places away from moisture so that it does not spoil and mold, and sometimes it is placed in the refrigerator soaked with vinegar, to last a longer period. For commercial purposes, garlic is stored in dry places without removing its funnel, which makes it last longer.

Lebanese Garlic Sauce Recipe (Tumiye)

Lebanese Garlic Sauce occupies a great place in Arab cuisine, as it is frequently used as an appetizer with fried and grilled meat, and is also used in preparing Shawarma sandwiches of all kinds.
Housewives usually resort to preparing garlic sauce at home to enjoy its fresh taste and the chilli garlic taste that it offers.

Garlic has been a common ingredient in food since the Middle Ages, because it is of great nutritional value, as it helps lose weight, keeps the digestive system clean, and contains antibiotic properties, rids the body of toxins, and protects the body from cancer. Especially stomach cancer in addition to being effective in treating fungal infections that affect the feet.

Lebanese Garlic Sauce Recipe (Tumiye)

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 5 min Total Time 10 mins Servings: 5



  1. Mince the garlic very finely.

  2. Put the garlic in the blender with the egg whites

  3. Add salt, vinegar and lemon juice.

  4. Beat mixture on low speed, gradually adding boiling water.

  5. While continuing to beat, pour the oil in the form of a thin thread.

  6. Keep whisking the mixture until you get a creamy white and thick consistency.

  7. Put garlic or garlic sauce in a serving dish.

  8. Put it in the fridge to cool slightly.

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