Prepare Labneh Balls At Home

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Labneh is a dish that almost does not leave the breakfast or even dinner table in our Arab world, where it’s one of the foods that are made from dairy, and it has a distinctive taste and soft texture, labneh is one of the famous foods for breakfast, and many They buy it from abroad to enjoy its delicious taste, now you can prepare it at home, with simple and easy steps.

The method of making balled labneh is a very well-known dish. it’s prepared by condensing yogurt or curd. This meal is characterized by a high nutritional value, as it contains many necessary nutrients, especially proteins and carbohydrates. This meal can be prepared in different ways, as it can be prepared Use it in the form of hard balls, or as a soft mixture.

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Prepare Syrian Labneh



  1. Put the milk in a bowl, add salt to it, stir well until the salt dissolves, and leave until it becomes like cheese.
  2. Add olive oil to it, stir well, then put it in a cloth bag and put the bag in a colander; To get rid of the water, leave it out of the refrigerator for at least 6 hours, or until it has a firm consistency.
  3. The labneh is removed from the cloth bag, formed into small balls, and placed in a tray in the sun for an hour.
  4. The labneh balls are placed in a clean, dry jar, covered with olive oil, and closed tightly.
  5. Keep in a dry place, away from sunlight, until serving.

Prepare Labneh Balls At Home

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  1. Heat the milk until it boils, then remove it from the heat and add the rest of the milk and the yogurt.

  2. Cover the milk with a heavy towel, then leave it in a somewhat cool place for 7-8 hours.

  3. Remove the milk from the towel, and put it in the refrigerator for a whole day.

  4. Take the milk out of the refrigerator and sprinkle it with a small amount of salt, put it inside the cheesecloth, then hang it for about half a day and put it in containers until it is used.

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