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Kibbeh Labanieh is famous in the Levant in general and in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine in particular.
It is a very ancient and old heritage dish. It is prepared on various occasions.
Labanieh Kibbeh are small balls made of bulgur and meat and stuffed with minced meat seasoned with various spices such as chopped pine nuts and then cooked in a yogurt mixture to increase the flavor.
It is served with rice or bread as a main dish.
It is a healthy and nutritious meal, as it contains a high percentage of proteins and carbohydrates.
It is rich in nutrients such as fiber and many minerals, the most important of which is calcium.
Today, we will present to you the method of preparing the best kibbeh with yogurt on its origins.

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Nutritional advice for how to make Kibbeh Labanieh

For a healthy way to make Labaneh Kibbeh, follow these helpful tips:

  • Try to reduce the amount of fat in this dish by reducing the amount of oils, and not frying the kibbeh before putting it in yogurt.
  • Avoid eating red meat in general and replace it with white meat such as chicken and fish, especially for heart patients.
  • Make sure to buy lean meat.
  • Avoid adding a lot of salt to avoid developing hypertension.
  • Reducing the consumed portion of the Labaniyeh kibbeh; This is because it contains high calories.
  • Reduce the calories for this meal by reducing the meat used in the filling, or replacing it with the onion filling alone.
  • Sprinkle a little starch in the frying oil before placing the kibbeh in it, or add flour to the kibbeh dough to prevent it from crumbling.
Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 30 min Cook Time 60 min Total Time 1 hr 30 mins Servings: 8


Kibbeh ingredients

stuffing ingredients

Yogurt sauce ingredients


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  1. Fry the pine nuts a little on the fire with a spoon of ghee, then add the onion, minced meat, spices and salt and fry until the meat is done.

  2. In a large bowl, mix the washed and drained bulgur, semolina, grated onion, salt, meat and pepper paste (to taste).

  3. Rub the kibbeh dough with fingers moistened with cold water and add some water to it until it becomes softer.

  4. Pinch the kibbeh into balls and stuff each disk with the filling.

  5. Put the Yogurt on the stuffed kibbeh discs and the meat broth until they float to the surface.

  6. Strain the yogurt through a ribbon filter and add to it a tablespoon and a half of starch, dissolved in three quarters of a cup of water.

  7. Put the yogurt in a saucepan and cook over a medium heat with constant stirring until it boils.

  8. When the yogurt evaporates, reduce the fire and continue stirring for two minutes.

  9. Pour the yogurt over the kibbeh discs and the meat broth and leave it to boil a little over a low heat.

  10. Fry the crushed garlic and coriander in a tablespoon of ghee or butter, then add this seasoning to the yogurt and continue cooking the yogurt for an additional minute.

  11. Sprinkle dry mint on a plate of Kibbeh Labanieh and serve hot.

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