What is the most hardy lettuce?

Butterhead lettuce is usually known for being among the most heat-tolerant and bolt-resistant of all the lettuce types. Many lettuces can be successfully started from seed in early spring and harvested through summer, especially if you live in a mild summer region, but…

What is the hardiest lettuce to grow?

Heat-tolerant lettuces:
  • 'Black Seeded Simpson' (Leaf Lettuce)
  • 'Great Lakes 118' (Crisphead)
  • 'Ice Queen (Reine des Glaces)' (Summer Crisp)
  • 'Little Gem' (Romaine)
  • 'Marvel of Four Season' (Butterhead)
  • 'New Red Fire' (Leaf Lettuce)
  • 'Parris Island' Cos (Romaine)
  • 'Red Sails (Leaf Lettuce)

What is the most winter hardy lettuce?

Mâche (Corn Salad, Lamb's Lettuce) is refreshing and full of flavour. One of the most cold hardy of all greens, this lesser-known leaf vegetable can survive temperatures as low as -18ºC (0ºF). Mâche grows slowly in small, low rosettes and is ready for harvest when it is about 10 cm or 4 inches across.

What is the most frost tolerant lettuce?

To protect lettuce in frost-prone areas, plant romaine or butterhead lettuce, which are the most cold-tolerant.

What type of lettuce is easiest to grow?

Loose leaf lettuce, which refers to varieties that don't form any type of head, is considered the easiest to grow. It matures in 40-45 days, but no need to wait that long to enjoy it! You can start thinning (and eating the trimmings) in as little as three weeks.

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What lettuce grows all year round?

All The Year Round Lettuce is a medium-sized green headed lettuce that is just like its name, good for all the year round! This slow bolt variety is solid even in hot weather, and good for far northern areas as it is very hardy. Sow All The Year Round in spring or late summer!

What variety of lettuce is all year round?

'All Year Round' is a classic Butterhead lettuce, with medium sized loosely formed heads and soft, buttery-textured green leaves and compact, crisp hearts. This popular lettuce is no 'supermarket' variety, but rather a proper lettuce with an exquisite flavour unavailable from anywhere but from your own vegetable patch.

What is the best winter lettuce to grow?

Valdor (Butterhead) - Lettuce Valdor is one of the best winter hardy lettuces. You can expect solid heads of dark green, from this butterhead lettuce which can be cut in spring from these plants - protect outdoor lettuce plantings with fleece.

What is the lowest temperature lettuce can tolerate?

How to Grow: Lettuce is a cool-weather crop that thrives in the temperature range 60-65 degrees F, and if thoroughly hardened, most varieties survive temperatures as low as 20 degrees F.

What type of lettuce grows in winter?

Claytonia (Winter Purslane or Miner's Lettuce)

Claytonia, winter purslane, miner's lettuce – whatever you call this super-hardy winter leaf, it won't let you down, with plenty of lush, almost juicy leaves with a smooth, mild taste.

What is the best lettuce to grow in fall?

Favorite Fall Lettuce Varieties
  • 'Mascara'—loose leaf.
  • 'Drunken Woman Frizzy-Headed'—loose leaf.
  • 'Rouge d'Hiver'—romaine.
  • 'Merveille des Quatre Saisons' (Marvel of Four Seasons)—Bibb.
  • 'May Queen'—butterhead.
  • 'Speckled Bibb'—butterhead.
  • 'Grand Rapids'—loose leaf.
  • 'Black-seeded Simpson'—loose leaf.

What lettuce can you grow in the fall?

There are four main types of lettuce: crisp-head (iceberg), loose leaf, butterhead, and Romaine (cos lettuce). All types can be grown in the fall garden, but look for cultivars with the shortest days from seed to harvest.

What lettuce is heat tolerant?

Grow loose leaf varieties that are heat-resistant or slow-bolting, rather than varieties that form heads. We had success with 'Jericho', 'Red Cross', 'Nevada', 'Paradai', 'Merlot', and 'Year Round Bronze Oak Leaf'. See them in green text in the tables below.

What is the most heat resistant lettuce?

Butterhead lettuce is usually known for being among the most heat-tolerant and bolt-resistant of all the lettuce types.

Can lettuce survive a hard freeze?

Lettuce may cope with light freezing and even one or two hard freezes, but once the thermometer reads 25°F or below, the plants are in danger. That level of cold causes ice to form in the plant tissue, regardless of the amount of moisture in the air. As the water expands, it causes cell walls to burst.

Can lettuce grow in 90 degrees?

Lettuce is a cool-season vegetable, meaning it grows best in temperatures around 60 – 65°F. Once temperatures rise above 80°F, lettuce will normally start to “bolt” or stop leaf production and send up a stalk to flower and produce seed. The leaves become bitter at this stage.

Can I grow lettuce all winter?

Varieties of winter-hardy lettuce can keep cropping during any mild spell in winter, then again from early spring. Winter lettuces are hardy, tenacious and tasty!

How late in the year can you plant lettuce?

If you are buying transplants (small plants) from a garden center or nursery, you may plant between 2 weeks before your last spring frost to 2 weeks after your last spring frost. In most regions, it's possible to plant another crop of lettuce in the fall or even early winter.

What is the most profitable lettuce to grow?

If you grow iceberg lettuce, it is being sold 100 to 250 per kg in retail markets, so if you have a 1-acre commercial greenhouse or hydroponic lettuce farm, imagine how much you can earn, definitely in lakhs.

What's the best tasting lettuce?

Butterheads have none of the strong, bitter, or pungent tastes that put some people off of eating fresh, healthy greens, and their leaves are soft and tender.
  • Bibb. ...
  • Bronze Mignonette. ...
  • Buttercrunch. ...
  • Dynamite. ...
  • Four Seasons. ...
  • Tom Thumb. ...
  • Yugoslavian Red.

What is the most in demand lettuce?

Among the cultivated varieties, Iceberg and Great Lakes are the popular head type lettuce grown in India. The head of iceberg lettuce is light green, round in shape, and tightly packed with lettuce leaves like cabbage head.

What is the most versatile lettuce?

Green leaf lettuce varieties are some of the most versatile for culinary use — ranging from sweet to bitter with a delightful “crunch.” They are typically harvested fresh and used in restaurant menus and baby leaf mixes.

What month is best to grow lettuce?

Lettuce seeds germinate best in the cooler temperatures of spring or fall. If it's too hot, they won't germinate. So, the best time to plant lettuce seeds is as soon as the ground is workable in very early spring, or once the temps start to cool down in late summer or early fall.

What months are best to plant lettuce?

Plant. The best time of year for growing lettuce is during cool seasons - spring and fall. Ideal temperatures are between 45°F and 80°F. For the first week or two after planting, protect newly transplanted lettuce seedlings if frost is in the forecast.

Can it be too hot for lettuce?

Lettuce grows best in a temperature range of about 45 to 75 degrees. In weather hotter than that, the leaves become bitter to the taste. When leaf lettuce bolts—which means they begin to send up its flower shoots—it's a signal that the production of edible lettuce is done for the season.