What accent do girls find most attractive?

Of foreign accents, the British accent is the #1 most liked, chosen by 69% of respondents.
Here's how foreign accents rank, according to our survey:
  • British: 69%
  • Australian: 54%
  • Irish: 36%
  • French: 34%
  • Scottish: 29%

What is the most attractive accent ever?

The French accent, previously considered the sexiest in the world, has been dethroned by the British accent, aka the Queen's English, in a global study carried out by Time Out in over 30 countries.

What is the most attractive accent for a girl?

The French accent has been considered for many years as being the sexiest accent in the world.

What accents are most hot?

Here are the top ten sexiest accents according to that survey:
  • Geordie.
  • Welsh.
  • Received Pronunciation, Queen's English.
  • Yorkshire.
  • Glaswegian.
  • Cockney.
  • Brummie.
  • Cornish.

What accents are most attractive men?

Sexiest male accents: 1. Irish; 2. South African; 3 French; 4. Scottish; 5.

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Is an American accent attractive?

8.7 percent of survey respondents picked the American accent as the hottest in the world.

Which American accent is most attractive?

Apparently, if you're looking for the perfect way to position your marketing campaign, you should head to the South because once again, people found the Southern accent to be the most attractive accent to have.

What accents are the least attractive in the US?

10 least attractive U.S. accents
  • Long Islander.
  • New Jersey.
  • Minnesotan.
  • Alaskan.
  • California Valley.
  • Southern Ohioan.
  • Floridian.
  • Pittsburgh.

What are the smartest sounding accents?

The Northeastern accent topped the category of smartest sounding accents. Prebly noted that there are more than 7,100 languages spoken around the world and more than 30 dialects in the United States alone. For more, click here. Download the FREE Boston 25 News app for breaking news alerts.

What is the coolest sounding accent?

Best Accents
  1. 1 British. Naturally the Brit accent should be first - after an English accent; after a London accent - but most of all the best accent by far is a smooth north London accent. ...
  2. 2 American. American accents! ...
  3. 3 Irish. ...
  4. 4 Australian. ...
  5. 5 Polish. ...
  6. 6 Italian. ...
  7. 7 Indian. ...
  8. 8 French.

Where do girls like American accents?

That's right. Europeans find the accent of Americans who live in the Deep South the sexiest, followed closely by the New York accent. These rankings indicate overall attractiveness, but the accent in the top spot changes depending on the country of the survey respondents.

Why are Spanish accents hot?

What makes the Spanish accent so sexy: Spanish speakers have a “Latin temperament”. People associate that with passionate acts like dancing and living life to the full. Because of the seductive tone of the voice pretty much anything sounds sexy (as seen in the video below).

What are the most attractive ethnicities?

Analysing the data by male and female, it's Indian women that top the tables of the most attractive, followed by Japanese and Swedish women.

What is the most stereotypical accent?

The New York metropolitan accent is one of the most recognizable accents of the United States, largely due to its popular stereotypes and portrayal in radio, film, and television.

What is the hardest accent to fake?

The British Accent

The Great British accent proved to be the most difficult of all the accents to imitate – along with the regional Yorkshire and Cockney pronunciations, in particular.

What accent is hardest to listen?

For many students, the Australian accent is the most difficult to decipher. That is because you just don't hear it as much as North American or British accents. So, practice listening to Australian accents!

What is the most normal accent in America?

The idea that there is one accent that is the most neutrally American has been around for a long time, and it is usually called “General American.” The term was coined in 1925 by the descriptive linguist George Philip Krapp as a way to describe the accent he thought was becoming the norm in the United States.

Which state has the thickest accent?

According to Americans, the place in the US with the strongest accent is Boston, with 23% of people choosing this response. Another 16% say the Southern coast has the strongest regional accent, while New York and Texas were tied, with 13% saying these states had the strongest accents.

Why is American accent so unique?

That's because dialects developed in different parts of the United States, as they did in England. People from different parts of England came to different parts [of the country], particularly the East Coast, seeding some of the differences in dialects. …

Is the American accent unique?

Not all Americans sound the same. You'll hear very different American accents in the east, south, central and western United States. Some accents are subtle. Sometimes they can be hard to understand.

What ethnic group has the hottest girls?

MissTravel.com conducted a poll to discover the sexiest nationalities in the world.
  • Colombian.
  • Brazilian.
  • American.
  • Spanish.
  • Russian.
  • Dutch.
  • French.
  • Bulgarian.

What race is popular in USA?

As of 2020, White Americans are the racial majority, with non-Hispanic whites representing 57.8% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans are the largest ethnic minority, comprising 18.7% of the population, while Black or African Americans are the second largest racial minority, making up 12.1%.

Where do the prettiest woman in the world come from?

Sweden. The stunning Scandinavian nation of Sweden is known for surreal forests, coastal islands, glittering lakes and glacial mountains. It is also known for being home to the most beautiful women in the world.

What is the fastest Spanish accent?

The Caribbean Spanish dialect is one of the fastest dialects there is, with major similarities to the Andalusian dialect. In various modern Latin American music, especially the infamous reggaeton, there is a huge number of Puerto Rican Spanish dialect.

Which Spanish accent is most liked?

While there are varieties within the country, the Spanish spoken in Madrid and in general in central and northern Spain is considered standard. More than 45 million people speak this version of Spanish, and it's the most preferred dialect of Spanish taught in schools.