How many does one turkey feed?

4 to 6 people = 4- to 9-lb. turkey (If you can't find a bird that small, you can get a slightly larger bird that will allow for more leftovers.) 8 to 10 people = 14- to 16-lb. turkey.

How many does a 20 lb turkey feed?

“So, for 10 people you should prepare a 20-pound turkey. Home cooks should expect to yield 40 percent of a cooked bird, and between dark meat and white meat preferences, the yield will shrink even further,” DiSpirito says.

Will a 12 pound turkey feed 8 people?

But if your goal is to have ample leftovers, aim for 1½ pounds per person whatever the turkey's size. For 8 people, buy a 12-pound turkey.

Will a 20 pound turkey feed 12 people?

Once you know the exact number of attendees, use this formula: Number of guests x 1.25. You'll want to plan on about 1.25 pounds of turkey per person attending. That means that if you are expecting 12 guests, plan for a 15-pound bird.

How much turkey do I need for 8 adults?

A small turkey (3-4.5kg) will feed 6-8 people. A medium turkey (4-5kg) will feed 8-10 people.

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Will a 14 lb turkey feed 10 people?

8 to 10 people = 14- to 16-lb. turkey. 12 to 16 people = 16- to 22-lb. turkey.

How many pound turkey do I need for 15 adults?

While 1 pound per person could feel like too little, and 1 1/2 pounds for each guest might be over-doing it, 1 1/4 pounds of turkey per mouth is the perfect balance. At that rate, feeding a large party of 15 or more people requires 20+ pounds of turkey.

How many people does 30 lb turkey feed?

Turkey Math: As a general rule, plan on 1 pound of turkey per person. If you like leftovers, make it 1½ to 2 pounds per person. Therefore, a 30-pound turkey can serve up to 30 people (but realistically, more like 15 to 20 if you want leftovers, and you probably do!).

How big of a turkey do I need to feed 10 12 people?

Choosing the Right Size Turkey

When choosing a turkey to serve on Thanksgiving, figure 1 1/2 pounds per person. If you are serving 10 people on Thanksgiving, choose a bird that is 15 to 20 pounds. Smaller birds that weigh less than 12 pounds have a smaller meat-to-bone ratio, so figure two pounds per person.

Is a 15 lb turkey enough for 6 people?

The general rule of thumb is 1–1½ pounds turkey per person.

“For four to six people, 11 to 13 pounds is a good range,” Jessie says.

What size turkey do I need for 9 people?

If you're feeding up to 9 people, then you want to allow about 1lb or about 0.4kgs of turkey per person. If you're hosting 10 or more guests then you want to allow about . 8 of a lb, or about o. 35kgs of turkey per person.

How many people will 18 lb turkey feed?

As a general rule, plan on 1 1/2 Pounds of turkey (uncooked) per person. In other words, to feed 12 people, you'd need an 18-pound turkey (12 × 1.5 = 18). This formula (and this is true for the guidelines that follow as well) will produce generous leftovers.

How many people will a 25 lb turkey feed?

20 people = 25 lb. turkey. If you're hosting a smaller Thanksgiving for two, consider a boneless turkey breast instead.

Should I cover my 20 lb turkey?

To achieve that balance, the ideal is to let the bird spend time both covered and uncovered: We recommend covering your bird for most of the cooking time to prevent it from drying out, then removing the cover for the last 30 minutes or so to allow the skin to crisp.

How long do you cook a 15 to 20 pound turkey?

How long to cook a turkey per pound:
  1. For an 8- to 12-pound turkey: 325°F for 2¾ to 3 hours.
  2. For a 12- to 14-pound turkey: 425°F for 2¼ to 2½ hours. ...
  3. For a 15- to 16-pound turkey: 425°F for 3 to 3¼ hours. ...
  4. For an 18- to 20-pound turkey: ...
  5. For a 21- to 24-pound turkey: ...
  6. For a turkey that weighs 24 pounds or more:

How much meat does a 20 lb turkey yield?

But they, and many others, estimate you should buy one pound of turkey per person. Of course, this cooks down to a far smaller portion (bones are quite heavy) - likely about a third to a half the weight of when you purchased it. (A 21.5 pound turkey yields about 8+ pounds cooked meat.)

What size roaster for 25 pound turkey?

If you tend to host larger Thanksgivings, Cuisinart's 16-inch stainless steel roaster can comfortably accommodates a 25-plus–pound turkey, so you can feed all your people with ease.

How long does it take to cook a 15 pound turkey?

How Long to Roast a Turkey:
  1. 4 to 8 pounds (breast only): 1 1/2 to 3 1/4 hours.
  2. 8 to 12 pounds: 2 3/4 to 3 hours.
  3. 12 to 14 pounds: 3 to 3 3/4 hours.
  4. 14 to 18 pounds: 3 3/4 to 4 1/4 hours.
  5. 18 to 20 pounds: 4 1/4 to 4 1/2 hours.
  6. 20 to 24 pounds: 4 1/2 to 5 hours.

How long does it take to cook a 20 pound turkey?

For example, a 20 pound turkey will take 4 1/4 to 5 hours to cook, check the temperature on the thermometer after 4 1/4 hours. 4. Meanwhile, mix the stuffing or dressing. Place in a casserole and pop it into the oven during the last hour or so of roasting time.

Can you leave a turkey out to thaw overnight?

You shouldn't. This might be surprising since many of us have defrosted frozen chicken on the counter at least once, but the answer is a hard “no” when it comes to a full turkey.

How long does it take to cook a 16 pound turkey?

The rule of thumb for cooking a turkey is 13 minutes per pound. So our 16-pound turkey was estimated to cook in about 3 1/2 hours. However, some factors like brining the bird, cooking with an empty (un-stuffed) cavity, and leaving the legs un-trussed will contribute to much faster cooking.

How long does it take to cook a 14 pound turkey?

For 12- to 14-pound turkey, roast 3½ to 4 hours. For 14- to 18-pound turkey, roast 4 to 4¼ hours. For 18- to 20-pound turkey, roast 4¼ to 4¾ hours.

How many people will a 10 lb bone-in turkey breast feed?

To preface, if you're cooking for 10 people, you'd aim for 5 pounds of boneless turkey breast, which would therefore equate to 10 pounds of bone-in turkey breast.

Is a 10 lb turkey too small?

You'll find that most "small turkeys" range in size from 10 to 14 pounds, although you may be able to find them as small as 6 pounds.