The Arabian Cuisine offers you All types of Arabian foods and drinks of all countries
with multiple choices of each dish you prefer to prepare it in the type you desire

You can choose the type of food if you are a vegetarian or if you prefer chicken to other types of meat
Most of the dishes come with multiple types of meat, you can choose from inside each dish if you want to check the plate in another type of meat

You can also choose your favorite region since every Arabian region have its own taste and dishes
Each region is famous with special dishes that we have prepared each of with multiple recipes and types

About Chef Firas

Firas Ghraoui is one of the most famous chefs in the Arab world. He was born in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but he is of Syrian origin and his family is in Saudi Arabia. He traveled to Hungary immediately after finishing high school and joined a school to teach cooking arts, his primary hobby since he was young, He wanted to develop his talent by studying, as he studied there for one year, after which he returned to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and after that, he traveled to Istanbul to learn the arts of cooking at the hands of the most skilled chefs in the world there.

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